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Cash Flow Revisted

Third Quarter 2021|Jim Williams| This is a brief revisit of some basics of personal finance. Consider this cash flow paradigm: Income, less taxes, less consumption equals investment. A different statement of the formula is that money from income can only go one of three places: taxes, consumption, or savings/investment. This is not higher math. It is arithmetic. Let's examine the elements of the formula.

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Tax Planning in Turbulent Times - Part 2: Tax-Wise Investment Techniques

In our last piece, we introduced some of the tools of the tax-planning trade. These include tax-sheltered accounts for saving toward retirement, healthcare, and education, as well as tax-efficient tools for charitable giving, emergency spending, and estate planning. It’s one thing to have the tools. It’s another to make best use of them. After all, the same paintbrush can create a valuable work of art, or a clashing mess on canvas. It all depends on how you use the brush.

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What About Inflation?

Second Quarter 2021|Jim Williams| We have heard and seen a good bit about inflation lately. A modest general inflation rate is mostly seen as a stabilizing force in the economy and is likely a consequence of an ever-increasing money supply which may be necessary to accommodate an ever-growing economy. As the economy emerges from the effects of lockdowns and restrictions, the economic damages caused by those actions are becoming manifest.

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