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Tax Aware Solutions

We’re Tax Planners at Heart

Founded by a CPA, we’re particularly keen on integrating tax management into your overall planning. After all, taxes can significantly impact your total wealth. Why not do everything we can to minimize them?

We Provide Tax-Wise Strategies For:

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Services may include:

  • Assigning tax-inefficient holdings to tax-sheltered accounts
  • Holding tax-managed funds in taxable accounts
  • Avoiding short-term (higher-taxed) gains when trading
  • Using tax-loss harvesting to offset gains

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Tax Payers

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Looking year-round for tax-wise credits, deductions and other tax savings appropriate to your circumstances (in collaboration with your tax preparation provider).

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Planning for the tax ramifications of company incentives such as stock options and demystifying tax-favorable account management:

  • 401(k)
  • Pension plans
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • HSAs
  • 529 plans

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Services may include:

  • Determining when to withdraw which assets from what accounts
  • Taking more income in tax-favorable years and less in high-tax years
  • Assisting with additional tax strategies such as donating RMDs to charity

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Business and Real Estate Owners

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Advising on the personal tax implications when buying, selling or otherwise transitioning in or out of businesses, commercial or residential real estate.

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Helping you prepare for tax-friendly wealth transfer among and across generations (in collaboration with your estate planning attorney).

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Every Client

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Integrating all of the above into a cohesive strategy across and among your wealth interests – over time and as external influences evolve.

Details Our Clients Are Interested In

We believe that attention to tax matters is a significant component of our value proposition and a vital element of the services we provide for our clients. We may provide these services in several areas including:

Investment Portfolio Implementation

Asset Location
Where the client has both tax-deferred and taxable accounts, we prefer to locate the tax-efficient assets in the taxable account(s) and the less tax-efficient assets in the tax-deferred accounts.

Tax-Exempt Interest
Depending on the client's tax rate and other factors, it may be favorable to implement the fixed income allocation with tax-exempt government bonds if part of the bond allocation resides in the taxable account.

Tax-Managed Funds
Depending on client tax rate and other portfolio factors, we may prefer to implement parts of the equity allocation with funds that are managed to mitigate current taxes.

*In all cases for taxable accounts wherein we have initiated the ownership of investment assets, we track individual lots of securities purchased. We always use specific lot identification as the accounting method for calculating the tax basis of investment assets sold.

Loss Harvesting
If the opportunity presents itself, we may propose that we harvest unrealized losses in the portfolio for use against future gains. In this process, we almost universally restore the portfolio to its original risk exposure the same or next day using alternative holdings and in doing so we attend to wash sale rules.

Charitable Planning

For clients over age 70 1/2 with IRA assets and who are charitably inclined, direct charitable contributions from the IRA (Qualifying Charitable Distributions, QCD's) can be a very tax-effective strategy.

For charitable clients with large unrealized taxable gains, we frequently recommend that funding a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) strategy with these assets can be quite useful.

What Don’t We Provide?

At J.F. Williams Co., Inc. we do not prepare tax returns. We believe that tax preparation is a full-time job that requires competent tax professionals that maintain a high level of expertise. Whether it’s the mechanics of reporting tax attributes on various federal and state forms or maintaining a high level of knowledge about the statutory and regulatory scheme for Federal, state and local taxes, they are able to keep up with an ever changing environment.

We urge our clients to retain professional tax guidance for the preparation of tax returns and for the evaluation of most tax planning matters. Having a professional tax preparer focused on specific issues raises the prospect of thoroughness and reduces the likelihood of missing something significant.

Additionally, we do not calculate retirement plan contribution amounts for business-related tax deferral accounts. We leave the responsibility for tracking the applicable tax year for these contributions to the taxpayers themselves and their tax professionals.  We’re happy to refer you to professionals who offer these services.

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