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Evidence Based Investing

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J. F. Williams Co., Inc.

As a firm, we begin client relationships by gathering information regarding current holdings and accounts. This allows us to manage client portfolios efficiently and consistently. Additionally, as part of our Investment Policy Development process, we use historical data and anecdotal examples to help our clients gain a strong understanding of the risk associated with their investments and the rewards expected for taking said risks. We then help guide the discussion that leads to their determination of a proper allocation for their portfolio.

Without a plan in place, misguided decisions are often made, causing additional costs and missed opportunities on available market returns. Our goal is to care for your investment portfolio according to:

  • Clear Process
  • Evidence-Based Investment Strategy
  • Elegant Implementation

Strictly guided by your personal goals and risk tolerance, these key components have the ability to steer your investments in the right direction.

Empowering You to Make Key Decisions

We will help guide you in understanding the decisions behind your investments and ways to maintain objectivity in the face of stressful market conditions.

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What Is Evidence-Based Investing?

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