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Utilizing a Team-Based Approach to Align Your Financial Picture

What It’s Like Working With J.F. Williams Co., Inc.

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Step 1

Initial Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other by covering 5 primary areas:

  • Getting to know our firm and our philosophies
  • Getting to know who we work with
  • Discussing your personal situation, dreams, and where you want to be in the future
  • Understanding our planning process
  • Taking the next steps if you determine moving forward with a relationship is a good fit

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Step 2

Discovery Interview

A detailed interview about your experiences, ideals and values to provide us with an understanding of what has shaped your past and present, and where you want to be in the future.

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Step 3

Collaborative Plan

A collaborative meeting to understand the myriad of possibilities ahead, explore a range of scenarios, and understand the inevitable trade-offs and choices you can make along the way.

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Step 4

Tax Planning

A deep dive into demystifying the world of income taxes, and in many cases, we’ll identify a handful of compelling tax planning opportunities.

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Step 5

Investment Policy Development

A conversation about our investment philosophy and your willingness to accept risk. This culminates in the development of your personalized Investment Policy Statement, which formalizes the framework for guiding your portfolio through any market condition.

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Step 6

Investment Policy Implementation

A review of your formalized Investment Policy Statement and the implementation steps for your portfolio. You’ll also have the opportunity to execute any account forms and agreements.

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Step 7

Financial Planning Follow Up Meeting(s)

Based on your unique circumstances, we may schedule one or more sessions to:

  • Navigate the process for taking portfolio withdrawals to generate income.
  • Review your insurance policies, such as, long-term care, life, or disability income insurance.
  • Discuss your current estate plan and how it meets the objectives for your family.
  • Dive into your education planning questions for your children, grandchildren, or yourself.  
  • Explore options for fulfilling your charitable giving goals. 

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Step 8

Lifelong Partnership

As our client, we see our relationship lasting a lifetime.

In conjunction with collaborative planning, tax aware solutions, and evidence based investing, our areas of focus and ongoing relationship allow us to create a financial plan that is right for you and meets your goals.

Our Team Pledge to You

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we prioritize fiduciary care. We serve your highest financial interests across our entire relationship with you - not simply a one-time transaction.

You – and only you – pay us for the fiduciary advice and planning we provide. Our costs are transparently discussed in our initial meeting, but our goal is to keep you informed even before then.

Initial Set-Up

We bill a simple, one-time fee to help you start off on the right foot with:

  1. Your personalized financial plan: $2,500
  2. Your custom-crafted Investment Policy Statement: $1,000

Comprehensive Ongoing Care

Throughout our relationship, everything we do for you is covered by a single annual fee - billed quarterly and based on a percentage of your assets under management. For additional details, you can view our fee schedule here.

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