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From Jim Williams: AI & ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT, a free AI platform, has gained much public attention, allowing users to generate human-like text. However, its "predictive" nature can result in the system making up information, which is a significant flaw that makes the system untrustworthy.

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Jim Williams: Next Chapter

I never imagined myself completely retired. The best part of this practice has been being in the meetings with clients, working on their financial matters. I never tired of this. What changed? Beyond the simple answer of "I did", the reality is two things changed: health and relevance.

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Dick Wagner Smiles

First Quarter 2021|Jim Williams| Just this last month, the CFP Board announced, based on a Practice Analysis Study (which describes what planners are actually doing in their practices), the addition of a new Principal Knowledge Topic: The Psychology of Financial Planning. As a Principal Knowledge Topic, the Psychology of Financial Planning will be included in the Body of Knowledge required of CFP Professionals. The topic will be included in examination starting in 2022. This topic has grown up from the roots of the financial planning profession and it is good news and none too soon.

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As I Move Along

Fourth Quarter 2020|Jim Williams| A year ago, I wrote about the then-current state of the evolution in the company and the progress of the transition here. This will be more about my personal transition and my immediate plans.

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2020 Steady as She Goes

Third Quarter 2020|Jim Williams| Looking back at the year 2020, and forward to year end, we can be sure that this is one for the history books. By almost any measure, 2020 has been a year to test one's resolve as an investor. In times of market turmoil, investor resolve is clearly the difference between success and failure.

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The Transition

Fourth Quarter 2019|Jim Williams| It has been two years since the change of control of the J. F. Williams Co., Inc. In December of 2017, Matt and I completed a transaction which resulted in Matt owning the majority interest in the firm. In the two years, as well as before, we have maintained a stability of firm values and character while making significant progress in improving systems and processes.

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