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The Power of Commitment: A 25-Year Journey in Investment Success

Adam, a CFP® and Associate Financial Planner, shared an inspiring story about his relative’s 25-year commitment to a disciplined investment strategy. This story highlights the significant personal value achieved through unwavering dedication and raises an important question: should you manage your investments yourself or trust a professional?

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Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Recently, investment advice has stressed staying consistent in strategy despite market fluctuations. This year, markets have been performing strongly, with gains and enticing opportunities like NVIDIA and crypto ETFs. However, the fear of missing out may lead investors to chase speculative trends.

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From Jim Williams: AI & ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT, a free AI platform, has gained much public attention, allowing users to generate human-like text. However, its "predictive" nature can result in the system making up information, which is a significant flaw that makes the system untrustworthy.

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Jim Williams: Next Chapter

I never imagined myself completely retired. The best part of this practice has been being in the meetings with clients, working on their financial matters. I never tired of this. What changed? Beyond the simple answer of "I did", the reality is two things changed: health and relevance.

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