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Value Premium

Second Quarter 2020|Jim Williams| When we establish the investment policies we use to drive decisions about the investment portfolios we manage, we include in those conversations a discussion of premiums; most notably, the equity premium, the value premium, the size premium, and the profitability premium.

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Coronavirus Edition (what else?)

First Quarter 2020|Jim Williams| The last few months have presented a rapidly changing financial landscape for those in the investment management, financial planning, tax return preparation and tax advice world. In a series of fits and starts, a number of changes took place. Needless to say, these abrupt changes have created a good bit of thrashing.

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You, Your Investments, and the Coronavirus

The term “novel coronavirus” is named after its crown-shaped particles, and it has quickly grabbed global headlines. As the viral news has spread, so too has financial uncertainty. What’s going to happen next? Will it infect our economy? So far, U.S. markets have remained relatively immune. But should you try to dodge markets that have been exposed?

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Income - An Easily Abused Concept

Second Quarter 2019|Jim Williams| It is common, particularly in publications directed toward seniors, to see many advertisements of various financial institutions proclaiming the need for "income" from your investment portfolio. While the need for income as broadly defined is fundamental to most retirees, the "income” implied in these ads is usually pretty specific and narrowly defined. Usually these ads contain promotional material for things like fixed income strategies (bonds) or annuities.

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What We Look For

Fourth Quarter 2018|Jim Williams| I recall in a televised interview several years ago, (I think it was Ed Bradley on 60 minutes interviewing George Burns), that Burns told Bradley he found money on the ground every day. Bradley wasn't exactly incredulous but asked the aging and aged actor how that rather unusual personal attribute came to be. Burns with only a slight pause, replied "I look for it." I've scoured the internet without success for corroboration of the exchange. I may have the wrong identities but hang with me; it makes a nice point.

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