Matt's Story

What does a drop light have to do with my story? When I was young, barely in elementary school, my father was starting his own mechanical parts business. He owned a 1950s Willy’s Jeep, a Willy’s Jeep with a very temperamental transmission. He and my brother would pull the transmission and rebuild it constantly. Seriously, a rebuild every month or  two.

I used to watch my dad crawl under the jeep, and as my brother would loosen the bolts, my dad would lower the transmission down onto his chest. He then would slide out from the jeep and roll the transmission onto an old grease stained wooden tray.

What was my job? Well naturally, it was to hold the light so my dad and brother could see what they were doing. Why does this matter?

Times were very tight in those days. My dad didn’t spring for a different car, a mechanic, or for a hydraulic jack to lower the transmission for that matter. Every extra penny went to building his business.

Now my dad was (is) a strong man. He could lower the transmission from an old jeep. And by the way, he would raise the transmission back into place the same way he got it out. But his strength went beyond lifting transmissions and repairing the Willy's Jeep.

He worked hard. Real hard.

His work ethics were top shelf – bar none. He built a solid business, more than one actually, and he provided for his family.

But the one thing that was missing the whole time was a clear and well defined process for aligning his goals of a successful business with the rest of his long term financial goals.

Very few people can excel in their area of expertise and provide objective oversight for their entire financial picture at the same time. This is why I do what I do. I form long term relationships with people like my dad so they do not have go it alone. This way, they can consciously pursue their own sense of purpose and attain peace of mind.